Temporary Facility Staffing

Compassion North America classifies staff positions based on their priority in human resources decision making. When sixth tier staff positions are offered to staff, they are classified under the Temporary Facility Staffing category. Temporary Facility Staffing are independent contractors who work on a per diem basis. Their assignment can be within Compassion North America Home Health Services or other healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care homes, home care agencies, and CCACs, that sign temporary staffing contracts with Compassion North America Home Health Services to supply staff to fill their temporary unforeseen staffing needs, shortages, or fluctuations in demand. This category of staff comprises a staffing pool that is jointly trained by Compassion North America Home Health Services and its partners who are ready to be deployed on short notice to the required setting in the Hospital or community and perform their assigned tasks to adequate performance levels.