Fixed Time

Compassion North America classifies staff positions based on their priority in human resources decision making. When fourth tier staff positions are offered to staff, they are classified under the Fixed-Time Option staff category. Fixed-Time Option staff are staff who hold a valid nursing or other professional license but work in a nonhealthcare frontline role or in a different health sector or industry altogether. The main difference between this staffing option and other staff categories is that the Fixed -Time Option staff supply the organization with their weekly or monthly availability, are allocated monthly or weekly scheduled hours and agree to work on less than 24 hour notice when necessary on the days they supply as available, but not on the published monthly schedule. In addition to routine staffing needs, Compassion North America uses this staffing category to accommodate unforeseen changes in staff availability in the Full Time, Part-Time, and Flex Time option staff categories. Fixed-Time option staff are employees whose availability is determined by their available hours after scheduling by their current main employer. They are expected to work less than 40 hours a week. The Compassion North America Home Health Services human resource policy requires that all available tasks, projects and staffing hours that cannot be sufficiently covered by Full time, Part-Time , and Flex Time Option staff must be allocated to Fixed-Time staff option positions, before other staffing options are considered--except when the capacity does not exist within the organization for the activity, task or role for which a decision is been made. Fixed-Time Option staff, as part of their compensation package, are entitled to benefits that are not provided by their main employer, appropriate for their role. However, some benefits may also be provided to them as part of the compensation package negotiated with them. Fixed Time Option staff have binding contractual obligations to attend to all staffing hours and tasks allocated to them in the monthly or weekly human resources calendar and to execute the fiduciary responsibilities to the agency in their respective roles. This is the fourth staffing option that Compassion North America relies on for its routine staffing needs to serve clients and run the agency.