Quick Time

Compassion North America classifies staff positions based on their priority in human resources decision making. When fifth tier staff positions are offered to staff, they are classified under the Quick-Time Option staff category. This option consists of a pool of staff that is mainly used for the embedded training needs of the frontline staff of Compassion North Home Health Services and for emergency staffing needs that cannot be adequately met by other categories of staff. This option is ideal for those professionals who are experienced, highly skilled and near retirement, are retired, but still hold a valid professional license where applicable--and a passion for the sector they dedicated their life to. These individuals may not want to commit to a temporary or full time contract of any kind that requires them to work regularly, or even consistently. However, they would work on an as available basis supplied by them or negotiated by the agency on a time to time basis to train staff or provide emergency staffing services.

Quick-Time Option staff, as part of their compensation package, are entitled to all benefits that are provided to Full Time staff , as appropriate for their role. However, some benefits may be provided to them on an as per their contribution basis. This is the fifth staffing option that Compassion North America relies on for its routine staffing needs to serve clients and run the agency.