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The business approach to service delivery requires that each individual client should be placed on one of three base nursing plans, presented above. The appropriateness of each plan for a Client depends on considerations such as appropriate duration of service to be received, medical intervention client received, intensity and complexity of care required. 


  Clients can also add other professional and non-professional services to their base nursing plan   based on the assessed need, potential benefit, and other relevant factors identified during the client intake process, discharge notes from the attending physician,     

and input from other members of the care team such as the dietician and pharmacist.  Please continue  reading the details covered by each plan, and the range of activities covered under each plan. Click on one of the nursing balls or on the navigation bar to the left of this screen, the black shaded area, click on Service Plans and Pricing.   You may also continue by talking to a live person using our hangout button at bottom of this page if you have a google account.