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Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why you should choose Compassion North America Home Health Services, however, consider the following:

  • We have a very clear path and strategy to  capture a high proportion of the growth in the home care and community market in the years to come. This means we would provide a good number of options and 

  • opportunities to advance your own career with us over the years.

  • We are futuristic and amongst the next big thing in healthcare. We have a clear path to offering a high quality of service, building a brand, reputation, and public image that would make you proud of the work you do, and 

  • where you work.

  • We pay competitive wages and benefits. We review our hourly rates ensuring that we are among the highest 
  • payors in the sector. We provide other benefits such as overtime pay, holiday differential, weekend differential, night differential,performance bonuses, supplemental health and dental insurance, transportation allowance, 

  • and case differentials. We provide paid sick leave, parental leave benefits, and management leave for rest and 
  • recuperation, and many other benefits you would become familiar with during our recruitment process.

  • We are dedicated to creating healthy workplaces for our staff and clients. Read our Values page on this website for an introduction on how we work together with our staff and clients to achieve this. 

  • We value your contribution and we provide fora and opportunities for you to grow individually and shine together with your team.

  • When there is a conflict, we have created due processes that give you a voice, ensuring that you are listened to and a fair, impartial, reasonable and acceptable resolution is assured.

  • We have your back. We believe that you always want to do an excellent job, so do we. We have systems to support you in achieving excellent performance each time, each client. Our systems try to proactively identify

  •  possible errors and prevent them. But if mistakes or near misses do happen, we would not throw you under the
  • bus. We would investigate, review our systems and improve them, while we work with you and other similar 
  • individuals in the organization to make it difficult for an accident to happen or reoccur.

  • Most importantly, we are a learning organization, you can learn and grow with us achieving more responsible positions, making us better as you become better.