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Recruitment Process

The following recruitment process is followed by Compassion North America Home Health Services and potential staff members applying for vacant posts:
  • Applicant reviews the human resources products or staffing options on this website offered by Compassion North America Home Health Services to determine the staffing option that best fits the applicant's situation and current circumstances.

  • Applicant reviews the current vacancies paying attention to  the staffing options that apply to each advertised vacancy.

  • Applicant completes an application including a resume and cover letter and emails it to:

  • The Human Resources Department of Compassion North America Home Health Services Reviews the Application to determine that the requirements in the advertised vacancy are adequately met by the submitted application materials.

  • The Human Resources Department sends a reply acknowledging receipt of the application and related materials, as well as providing information on the timing of the next steps in the process within 24 hours. Compassion North America assures all applicants that you would always deal with a live

  • individual in all steps of the hiring process.

  • If the applicant meets all eligibility criteria for the post advertised, the Human Resource Department would send a letter of invitation to take part in the interview process, indicating the date, time, as well as the interviewers the candidate would meet with.

  • If the applicant does not meet all the eligibility criteria for the post advertised, the Human Resources Department would inform them accordingly.
  • After the interview, all candidates would be informed in writing in no more than two weeks of the interview decision.

  • Offers of employment are conditional upon successful completion of a criminal history report, dependant abuse, and drug test report. Compassion North America Home Health Services reserves the right to withdraw an offer of employment if these test results do not meet regulatory standards or 

  • the internal policy of the organization for the post advertised.

  • Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria for a post, or who are invited for interview are strongly advised to read the values section of this website, which is the primary tool used to determine their fit with this business.

  • It is the organization's recruitment policy that the entire hiring process, from the day the job is posted to the offer of appointment, must not exceed 30 business days for all core business areas, and 42 business days for all other positions.