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Service Philosophy

At Compassion North America, we believe that our values provide the strongest reasons why clients should choose us. Our values are informed by the following philosophies:

  • Let us treat others the way we would like to be treated, this includes those that we love and cherish.

  • Let us consider it a duty of management to create an atmosphere of love in the workplace and all work settings. This would help to create happy, healthy, and productive workers who provide the best products and services possible. (You can read our values page for a clear explanation of our

  •  understanding of love)

  • Let us build a learning organization, where we provide mechanisms that support individual, team and shared learning. Let us build mechanisms  to quickly diffuse knowledge into practice to solve problems, this is the only way to effectively serve our clients and those whose life and well-being 

  • depend on the work we do. 

  • Let us strive  hard to build an organization that has memory of the things that we do well , which helps those we serve-- and the things that cause harm, or that we do poorly, so we can avoid them or pay better attention to them.

  • Let us hire or work with  those that will implement our values in action.

  • Let us always keep the well-being of the  sector and communities in which we work in mind, our success ultimately depends on the success of the sector and communities in which we work. Let us work with others to ensure that success happens.