Company Information

Technological innovations have created new possibilities for specialist health services to reach clients in the dignity and comfort of their own homes, in non-traditional ways. This situation holds promises of new opportunities for more efficient care delivery models to be developed.     


Seizing the opportunity created by such possibilities, this business provides healthcare solutions that are responsive to the needs and preferences of clients by serving as a patient advocate. Business operations make full use of available technologies to integrate the continuum of healthcare to deliver exciting, timely, high quality, cost effective, and safe healthcare services to clients in the comfort and dignity of their own homes. The service delivery approach of the business adopts a care delivery framework comprising service plans that are scalable to the extent of providing 24 hour coverage to clients. The  range of services provided to clients cover combinations of the following broad categories:  short term and long term basic and advanced nursing, other professional health care services, personal care and support, temporary facility staffing, nutrition, health education and lifestyles, smart ehealth and digital solutions-- for safety, medication management , compliance  and care integration.


Whenever possible  such services would prevent  institutionalization and allow clients such as frail and elderly seniors, those suffering from chronic health conditions that require long term care, adults and children that need ongoing medical intervention and personal support, to live independently ,and maintain as high a quality of life as possible, in their home.


By focusing on providing utilization management, prevention, and health maintenance services to high need individuals, who are also heavy users of health system resources, this business directly contributes to providing the capacity that is needed to effect the shift of health service delivery to the home care setting—where policy makers and many clients want it to be provided.