Referral, Partnership and Incentives

In furtherance to our business philosophy statement, Compassion North America Home Health Services Corp believes that the success of the company fundamentally depends on the performance and success of the health sector and the communities in which we work. Therefore, the business seeks to work with other stakeholders on matters of mutual interest and concern, to influence community issues, health sector performance, and community success. 

Compassion North America Home Health Services Corp also strongly believes that public/private partnership is one vehicle by which it can contribute to addressing the critical issues facing the health sector, national goals, and objectives of the health sector, in the communities in which we work . Therefore, the business is actively seeking to participate in public sector fora such as LHIN meetings, fora and projects established by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and other public sector initiatives. We are also actively seeking to establish working relationships with other public  sector agencies such as CCACs and hospital corporations with specific mandates that can benefit from our direct collaboration in service delivery.

Rewards are an integral part of the way we work and establish relationships, at Compassion North America Home Health Services. We believe that individuals, partners, and other persons who collaborate with us in creating success, should share in it. To ensure the distribution of benefits to our partners of all kinds, we have created an incentive structure that is related to individual client intake and client retention goals, which keeps giving. The following table is a summary of our incentive structure per referred client or unit, that is successfully acquired. From time to time, the organization would review this schedule, and rates, to ensure that they continue to serve the best interest of our clients, partners,and our business interest. 

 Partner Incentive Structure

 Description     Number of client/ unitIncentive at intakeRetained after 6 monthsRetained 1 year Every 6 Months after
Successful intake 1 client $50.00/client $50.00/client$50.00/client$100.00/client

* Please ask about your partner account number,account balance, minimum payment, payment instructions, and payment schedule, whenever you call. Don't have a partner account? You get one automatically when you refer your first client/s. We look forward to working with you.