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Service Plans and Pricing

Three base plans are provided. A client has to be placed on one of the following plans:

Basic Nursing Plan. 
The following activities, which shall not exceed two months in duration(62 days), shall be covered under the Basic Nursing Plan.
  • Preparing the Home Care plan for the client to  implement the physician orders, discharge notes and instructions.

  • Reviewing and transcribing all changes in the physician orders, discharge notes and instructions.
  • Displaying in well-defined areas of the home, updated work instructions, clinical guidelines, and other visual aids that help providers consistently provide the best service to clients each time. 

  • Regular monitoring and documentation of vital signs.
  • Blood glucose level monitoring.
  • Nausea Management.
  • Pain Management.
  • Vomiting Management.
  • Falls prevention.
  • Risk identification.
  • Assisting with general grooming including bathing and hair washing.
  • Assisting clients with going to the toilet, caring for their mouth and nails.
  • Providing relevant information,education, and communication services to clients and caregivers.
  • Training caregivers to perform basic tasks, as applicable, properly. 
  • Training, conducting and supervising proper infection control activities including proper handwashing, proper handling and disposal of waste and other contaminated items, cleaning

  • and disinfection of surfaces and other items.
  • Pressure ulcer prevention including regular re-positioning of clients and other activities to help with proper ambulation.

  • Conducting or supervising basic massages and other recommended exercises.
  • Administering topical medications and supervising patients to take their medicines as prescribed.
  • Providing care for pressure sores and other open surfaces.
  • Conducting skin surveillance.

  • Conducting eye toilet.
  • Incision site care.
  • Abuse protection support.
  • Allergy Management.
  • Respite care. 
  • Resuscitation, First Aid and basic life support.
  • Administering oral glycaemics.
  • Immediate reporting and referral of changes in client's condition requiring urgent attention to the family physician or specialist.

  • Assisting client with oral feeding.
  • Proper documentation of all activities, incidents, actions taken by the provider, and interventions occurring during care period or shift.

  • Performing other activities according to the work instructions and all guidelines for taking care of the client. 

   Complex Nursing Plan 
    The Complex Nursing Plan includes all the activities listed under the basic nursing plan. In addition, it should have a minimum of one of the following activities.
  • Organizing and attending weekly collaboration meeting of the team taking care of each client.
  • Established consultation line for individual providers and care team for each client.
  • Airway suctioning.
  • Ventilation Assistance.
  • Airway Management, including artificial airway management.
  • Tube care Chest.
  • Mechanical ventilation management.
  • Chest Physiotherapy.
  • Respiratory monitoring.
  • Oxygen therapy.
  • Monitoring IV medication.
  • Medication Administration intravenous.
  • Mechanically assisted circulation.
  • Intra aortic balloon assist.
  • Bowel incontinence Care.
  • Urinary incontinence Care.
  • Suicide prevention.
  • Fire setting precautions.
  • Anaphylaxis management.
  • Aspiration precautions.
  • Defibrillator management.
  • Calming technique.
  • Anxiety reduction.
  • Relaxation therapy.
  • Distraction.
  • Guided Imagery.
  • Fluid electrolyte management.
  • Intravenous therapy.
  • Intravenous insertion.
  • Delirium management.
  • Delusion management.
  • Dementia Management including wandering and bathing.
  • Implementing precautions against elopement.
  • Environmental management including safety and violence prevention.
  • Management of hallucinations.
  • Management of seizures.
  • Ostomy Care.
  • Administration and maintenance of total parenteral nutrition.
  • Care of Naso-gastric tube.
  • Care of indwelling Catheter.
  • Conducting nasogastric and gastronomy feeding.
  • Conducting tracheostomy Care.
  • Conducting peg tube feeding.
  • Caring for postural drainage.
  • Nebuliser therapy care
  • Caring for Nasal Cannula/ nasal catheter.
  • Conducting subcutaneous administration of insulin.
  • Caring for indwelling urethral catheter. 
Palliative Nursing Plan 
 The Palliative Care Plan includes all the interventions provided in the Basic Nursing and the Complex Nursing Plan. In addition, it should have a minimum of one of the following interventions.
  • Family mobilization.
  • Family integrity promotion.
  • Family presence facilitation.
  • Family support.
  • Family therapy.
  • Family involvement promotion.
  • Coordination of grief counselling.
  • Administration and maintenance of total parenteral nutrition for palliative care clients.
  • Coordination of advanced care planning, including directives.
  • Coordination and facilitation of spiritual care.

  • Implementing advanced pain management, including administration of medication including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids,bisphosphonates,radiotherapy or radiopharmaceuticals for pain.

  • Implementing palliative care consultations, including patient provider communication.

  • Implementing management of Dyspnea.
  • Administration of antidepressants.
  • Conduct cognitive and non-cognitive behavioral therapy for depression.
  • Conduct educational and informational interventions for depression.
  • Administer guided imagery and exercises for palliative care patients with depression.

 After placing a client on a base plan, and reviewing their specific situation, in collaboration with the client the following services can also be added:
  • Visit nursing.
  • Personal Support and Companionship.
  • Home Making and Companionship.
  • Physiotherapist.
  • Occupational Therapist.
  • Dietician.
  • Transportation services.
  • Fitness and exercise instructor.
  • Adult Day services.

Based on the assessment of their personal circumstances, clients who get better outcomes by receiving care from a group setting may also be placed on a Group Home Plan.

Group Home Plan.
 The Group Home Plan includes accommodation in adapted houses, where between 4 but not exceeding 10 clients requiring ongoing nursing attention--who do to other benefits, financial cost, or otherwise, can no longer stay in their homes-- are placed for the efficient allocation of professional and non-professional resources. The following services are provided under the Group Home Plan.
  •  Complex nursing Plan or,
  • Palliative Nursing plan.
  • Nutritional services.
  • Fitness, exercise, games and recreation.
  • Transportation services.
  • Training of staff to provide group home services as a team.
In addition to these client plans the following services are offered to other health care institutions (business to business) or businesses through the Temporary Facility Staffing Services Plan.

Temporary Facility Staffing Plan.
  • Employment advertising.
  • Interviewing staff.
  • Credentialing assessment, employment verification services, and recruiting.
  • Training and orientation of temporary staff contractors by Compassion North America and partners.

  • Workplace insurance coverage for contractors.
  • Creation of a pool of trained contractors for emergency staffing needs of Compassion North America and Partners.

 Please Note: All pricing schedules would be disclosed and negotiated, with discounts applied where appropriate, during the intake process.

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