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Client Intake Process

The following process would be followed during client intake:

The Director of Nursing , or Care Coordinator, would explain the intake process to the potential client. The officer, among other information , would also provide background information on the patient care philosophy, values of the organization, relevant organizational policies such as zero tolerance for abuse and discrimination, client care model, and commitment of the business to put the interest of clients first.

The Director of Nursing, or Care Coordinator, would then discuss client preferences, expectations, and other relevant factors that should be considered when providing service to the client.

The Director of Nursing, or Care Coordinator, in collaboration with the client, would then review the discharge care plan, from the attending physician, physician notes, and other discharge documentation or instructions.
If during this discussion relevant medical issues come up that would be beneficial to improving client outcomes, but omitted in the discharge care plan, the officer would review this item with the attending physician, to determine if adjustments could be made to the existing care plan.
If no change of relevance to the discharge plan is discovered during intake, the Director of Nursing, or Care Coordinator, would determine which of the three base nursing plans would better serve the client's circumstances.

The officer would explain the service options to the client to support the client in making the most appropriate decision for their situation.

The officer would then prepare a contract to include: the plan on which the client has been placed, the services the client should expect and their duration, who and what type of staff would provide the services, documentation to be kept in the client’s home, caregiver or client’s role in administering the care plan, clients rights and responsibilities under the contract, the rights and responsibilities of client towards the providers involved in executing the plan, the complaint process, a confidentiality statement or privacy statement--and how any breaches would be reported and handled-- a statement of accountability for zero tolerance to abuse (including abuse of staff), payment terms of care team involved in executing the care plan, and any disclaimers allowed by law relevant to the services provided.

The Officer would also provide no less than 24 hours for the client to review and make changes to any term in the contract before it comes into effect.
After the contract comes into effect, the officer would assign staff member/s to the client, based on the terms of service in the contract.

The officer would also organize mandatory training and orientation for the staff assigned to the client. This training would include a thorough review and simulation of the care plan--ensuring that all relevant skill areas are covered and assigned staff adequately perform and document the tasks assigned in the care plan.

A copy of the care plan would be kept in the client's home, along with any changes that may occur in the future.
All visual management tools, work instructions, and other relevant tools to facilitate the successful implementation of the care plan would be installed in the home.

A monthly human resource calendar, clearly presenting the names of staff members attending the client's home, their shifts, and duration of the shift--would be provided to the client and staff members in advance.

**Please note that the process above is for informational purposes only, and not exhaustive, but shall include any other considerations, terms, and conditions relevant to the proper delivery of service to promote the best outcome for the client.